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Tube Cleaner Machine Accessories

Get additional accessories to add service and value to your tube cleaner. Plus, proper maintenance, lubrication and adjustments can help you get years and years of service from your Goodway Tube Cleaner. Keep your machines working in top shape with genuine machine accessories from Goodway.


Take your tube cleaning on the road! The PSM Carrying Case is specifically designed for PSM Air Powered Tube Cleaner and includes room for up to eight 4' (1.2m) long hollow drills.

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Industrial strength Air Supply Hoses are a must in any industrial environment. This extension hose works with all ASH-B50 series hoses. Works with all ASH-B50 Series Hoses.

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Industrial strength Air Supply Hoses are a must in any industrial environment. For AWT-100X, JCL JetCleaner, JL JetLoad, LD-2X2, AV-1200 and QS-300 Quick Shot.

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Goodway's ultra heavy-duty Tube Cleaning Extension Cord is designed for use with 115 V receptacles and provides full voltage and current to all electrical equipment with power requirements of up to 20 amps.

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This is a vital tool for vacuuming up dislodged soot and scale, while using our Rotary Boiler Tube Cleaners. The GTC-DPA can be used with the AWT-100, AWT-100X, RAM-4X and RAM-4X2A Tube Cleaners, for the recovery of dry deposits.

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Mesh Tarp from Goodway harnesses excess water and projectiles during the tube cleaning job to keep your job site clean. 12' x 12'.

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The RAM-5 Service Kit has everything, from illustrated instructions, shaft/driver, O-ring, seal, snap ring and bearings, to a new set of Speed Feed gears and even replacement parts for the Speed Feed gun.

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