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Brushes & Specialty Tools

Goodway is your source for high quality tube cleaner brushes. Goodway offers the broadest range of tube cleaning brushes and specialty tools available to match your specific tube cleaning need. From light scale and debris, to fully clogged tubes, our brushes and specialty tools can help you get your tubes working at top performance levels again.

CDC-103 Disc Cone Assembly

Goodway's Disc Cone Cutter Assemblies are designed for removing scale deposits from straight tubes 3-3/8 - 3-3/4"(86-95mm) I.D and curved tubes 3-11/16 - 4"(94-102mm) I.D.

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The Flexible Arm Flare Cone Tool is designed for tubes 4"-12" (102-305mm) I.D. It incorporates centrifugally activated serrated cones for removing light to heavy scale deposits in straight or curved tubes. Most effective results are obtained if the tube is in a vertical position when cleaning.

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Goodway FTS Scraper Tools are medium action, spring-loaded tube cleaning tools. They are used for removing light scale deposits in firetube boiler tubes, when steel brushes simply don't do the trick.

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Designed for the PSM-500 tube cleaning drill, Tube Cleaning Hollow Shafts are available in many lengths and connect to brushes, buffing tools, hollow carbide drills and twist drills to clean straight heat exchanger tubes.

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