HVAC Tool Bag, Large


This high quality VETO Pro Pac tool bag was designed to handle the tools and rigorous work routines of an HVAC service technician. It offers 53 pockets with ample pocket room for hand tools, parts box(es), meter(s) drills and much more. Plus, tons of other little pockets to carry the stuff you need all day. This bag is built to last and designed to look great.

Made from rugged materials, it is designed to be waterproof, corrosion resistant and is built to last. This could be the last toolbag you'll ever buy.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Vertical Tool Pockets: 50 inside & 3 outside
    • Flat Zippered Pockets: 4 inside & 2 outside
    • Neoprene Pockets: 2
    • D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small
    • Exterior Electrical Tape Loop: 8" fabric with clip closure
    • Stainless Steel Tape Clip: yes
  • Support

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