Pipe/Drain Cleaner Hose for Goodway Pressure Washers


For all models except GPW-1200, GPW-1000-P and HPW units. The Drain/Pipe Cleaner consists of a hose with Quick Connect and a nozzle, which is sized to the pressure washer. They are used for clearing blockages in pipes 11/2"-6" I.D. The 5/8" Stainless Steel Nozzle, which is screwed on to the end of the hose, has one 0° pinpoint jet and several 45° propelling jets. When the assembly is connected to a Goodway Pressure Washer, the nozzle is self-propelled through pipes and ordinary drain systems.

Note: Hose does not come with any nozzles (sold separately). Available in three lengths and for four pressure ratings.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Durable, high quality construction
    • Used for clearing blockages in pipes 1 1/2"-6" I.D
    • For all models, except GPW-1200, GPW-1000-P and HPW units
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