Hose/Pipe Standard Projectile 3/16" - 5/8" I.D. JR-07-22


Match to your hose/tube I.D. on the right for proper sizing.

Goodway's Standard Projectiles are specially formulated for use with any Goodway pneumatic hose cleaning gun. As a projectile is shot, it is compressed, loosening and propelling dirt and deposits through the hose, tube or pipe. Projectiles are oversized to ensure proper compression for maximum cleaning action. For hoses/tubes/pipes 3/16" (4.8mm) to 5/8" (15.8mm) I.D. Match to your hose/tube I.D. for proper sizing. Custom sizing available. Please call for quote. 

Note: Comes in packages of 100 projectiles. Order # of packages required.

Available SKUs

JR-07, JR-09, JR-12, JR-14, JR-16, JR-18, JR-20, JR-22