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Duct Cleaning Brushes

High-quality duct cleaning brushes available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Designed to fit round ducts, venting and more. 


Available in a wide variety of sizes from 4" (101.6mm) - 18" (457mm) I.D., Goodway Soft Nylon Duct Brushes are recommended for removing light debris in round ducts. Match to duct size I.D. for best fit. Use Goodway's Soft Nylon Duct Brushes for ducts 4" (101.6mm) - 18" (457mm) I.D.

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Recommended for removing debris in round, rectangular and square ducts 8"-18" (200-460mm) I.D., the Duct Cleaner Fan Brush loosens and propels deposits down the duct and towards the vacuum. For ducts 8"-18" (200-460mm) I.D.

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The 4" Flow Brush is a great solution for cleaning soft and medium deposits from ductwork. 4" flow brush is specially designed for cleaning air vents.

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