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ScaleBreak®-SS Liquid Descaler For Stainless Steel

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    Goodway's ScaleBreak-SS industrial descaler is designed explicitly for descaling stainless steel and is for the safe removal of scale and struvite deposits within stainless steel equipment.  This biodegradable descaler contains no HCL (Hydrochloric acid) yet retains the dissolving rate and speed frequently associated with more aggressive base components.  ScaleBreak-SS base properties are safe for prolonged exposure to stainless steel and eliminate the long-term potential of hydrogen embrittlement.  Protect your stainless steel investment and use ScaleBreak-SS, the top choice for professionals.

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    Companies cannot afford unexpected equipment shutdowns or failures due to scale buildup in today's industrial environment. Lime, struvite, and scale preventative maintenance programs are more important than ever for heat transfer, energy efficiency, and prolonging equipment longevity.  Equally important is having the correct tools to perform your cleanings. 

    ScaleBreak SS will dissolve water-formed limescale, struvite, and scale deposits into a liquid suspension through circulation, allowing the deposits to be freely flushed from any water-operated systems or surface.

    ScaleBreak-SS is also available in 30, 55, 275, 330-gallon, and tanker loads. Please request a quote for pricing on those items. 

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Use for the removal of calcium, limescale, rust, struvite, and other deposits.
    • Designed for Stainless Steel applications
    • Contains no HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
    • Fortified with powerful, low foaming, wetting, and penetrating agents and superior corrosion inhibitors
    • Use in heat exchangers, boilers, and other stainless steel applications
    • Available in 5, 30, 55, 275-gallon and 330-gallon sizes

    Product Support

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  • Compatibility
  • FAQ

    Product Information

    Are Goodway’s descalers biodegradable?

    Yes, all of our descalers are biodegradable.

    Does Goodway offer technical assistance or consulting for chemical cleanings?

    Yes, we have detailed procedures and technical training available. Contact us for support.

    Why does Goodway offer three different descaling blends?

    The metal on your chiller, heat exchangers, pipes, and other equipment can range considerably. Many include aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. There's no "one size" fits all. Some descaler will corrode certain metals faster, than others. Our blends ensure the alloys get effectively cleaned and remain safe to the base metals.

    How does a descaler work?

    A descaler is a chemical solution that removes built-up mineral deposits, such as calcium and lime, from pipes, appliances, and other surfaces. These deposits, also known as scale, can accumulate over time and cause various problems, such as reduced water flow, reduced heating efficiency, and reduced appliance performance.

    Descaler chemicals react with the mineral deposits to loosen and dissolve them. Descaler chemicals generally contain acids and other agents that react with the minerals to form a soluble compound that can be easily rinsed away. In other words, it dissolves the scale, making it easy to flush out of the system.

    Our ScaleBreak® descaling solutions come in specifically engineered formulas to match the underlying metals in your system. Contact us to discuss your specific descaling need. 

    What happens to the scale when it comes in contact with ScaleBreak® descalers?

    The scale is dissolved into a liquid suspension so it can be flushed out of the system.

    How is the amount of descaler needed and circulation time determined?

    This is determined by the overall volume and severity of scale to be removed from the equipment.  Pump flow rates can also have a corresponding effect. One of our descaler calculators can help you determine this.

    What is the impact of scale fouling in equipment?

    Scale can cause higher energy consumption, loss of heat transfer, shorter equipment lifespan, unplanned shutdowns.

    What is the best way to identify when preventive maintenance needs to be scheduled?

    The best way is to chart your equipment performance data on a daily or at least weekly basis so maintenance can be performed before issues occur.

    Our facility has purchased acid for cleanings, why are Goodway descalers better?

    All Goodway ScaleBreak® descalers are blended with proprietary formulas that balance the high descaling performance and dissolvability speed, with protection against aggressive corrosion.