Descaling Chemicals & Accessories

Chemical descaler liquids are quick and easy tools to remove lime, scale, rust, struvite, and other water-formed deposits from industrial systems. Limescale and struvite buildup causes loss of efficiency, increases operating costs, and minimizes the life expectancy of capital equipment. ScaleBreak high-performance descaling liquid blends efficiently and safely remove deposits and re-establish operational efficiencies. Use in heat exchangers (shell and tube/plate and frame), boilers, pumps, chillers, plumbing, atomizer systems, and much more.


The patent-pending ScaleBreak®-Gel finds the scale and dissolves it on contact. It is a low viscosity, gel-like acidic product, formulated to adhere to and descale mineral deposits from cooling tower fill, or other vertical surfaces. Works with our TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill cleaner only.

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