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Descaling Chemicals & Accessories

Lime, scale, rust and other water formed deposits cause loss of efficiency increase operating costs and minimize the life expectancy of capital equipment.  The ScaleBreak family of industrial descalers includes a variety of specific formulations to match the descaling blend best suited for specific applications and base alloys.  Goodway’s advanced descaling formulas will efficiently and safely remove these deposits and re-establishing operational efficiencies. Use in heat exchangers (shell and tube/plate and frame), boilers, pumps, chillers, atomizer systems, and much more.


Descaling a boiler? Large condenser? Complete water system? Get a custom quote. ScaleBreak is a family of descaling products that quickly remove lime, scale, rust and other deposits from water passages. Formulas are available for general descaling, stainless steel, marine environments and potable water systems.

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The patented ScaleBreak®-Gel finds the scale and dissolves it on contact. It is a low viscosity, gel-like acidic product, formulated to adhere to and descale mineral deposits from cooling tower fill, or other vertical surfaces. Works with our TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill cleaner only. (1) 5-gallon pail of Gel is enough for (1) 10’x10’ section or 100 sq./ft. of tower fill.

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ScaleBreak Neutralizer is an alkaline crystal powder designed for the neutralization of acidic descaler, like ScaleBreak, ScaleBreak-SS and ScaleBreak-Gel. ScaleBreak Neutralizer is an alkaline crystal powder for neutralization of ScaleBreak product solutions, which may be acidic after use.

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ScaleBreak-Marine is a biodegradable and safe phosphoric acid-based descaler that offers powerful descaling of lime, shells and other residue. It dissolves hard scale deposits, resulting from seawater contaminants, that build up in water-cooled equipment, or other areas in maritime applications.

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FOAM-CLEAR™ defoaming solution is a super concentrated defoaming chemical designed to instantly remove foam from industrial applications like descaling, coil cleaning and more. 

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