Descaling Chemicals & Accessories

Heat exchanger scale or limescale is a primary culprit in tube fouling and the loss of heat exchange efficiency causing dramatic increases in operating costs. ScaleBreak is your descaler solution. This liquid industrial descaler quickly and safely removes limescale, calcium carbonate, rust and other contaminants from the walls of tubes and other surfaces to quickly restore heat exchange properties. It can be used in our descaling pumping systems or directly in a variety of applications. Most popular applications include descaling boilers, descaling shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, atomizer and fly wheels, leachate systems, and much more.

If you are interested in a descaler solution for descaling firetube boilers, please check out our ScaleBreak Boiler Calculator where you can calculate the prospective savings that descaling your firetube boiler tubes could provide.

Our descaling chemicals are available for all metal types and work fast, are safe for your systems and safe for workers.

ScaleBreak Industrial Descaling Chemical 5 Gallon

ScaleBreak Liquid Descaler

A powerful and advanced descaling formula that descales without excessive wear to metal components.
ScaleBreak Industrial Descaler

ScaleBreak Liquid Descaler, Large Volume Needs

Advanced descaling formula for industrial applications.
ScaleBreak Neutralizer Industrial Descaler Neutralizer

ScaleBreak Neutralizer Powder

A powerful neutralizing formula for returning acidic materials like ScaleBreak to neutral PH.
ScaleBreak-Gel Indsutrial Descaler

ScaleBreak-Gel Descaler

ScaleBreak-Gel offers powerful descaling performance in a specially formulated gel version. Biodegradable.
ScaleBreak-Marine Biodegradable Descaler

ScaleBreak-Marine Liquid Descaler For Maritime Applications

ScaleBreak-Marine offers powerful descaling performance in a specially formulated marine version. Biodegradable.
ScaleBreak-PT Potable Water System Descaler

ScaleBreak-PT Liquid Descaler For Potable Water Systems

ScaleBreak-PT is designed specifically for use with potable water systems and is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60.
ScaleBreak-SS Stainless Steel Descaler

ScaleBreak-SS Liquid Descaler For Stainless Steel

ScaleBreak-SS offers all the features of our regular blend, but is designed specifically for use with stainless steel applications.