Wonder Wand, 90 Degree Spray Wand 8945


The ultra thin Wonder Wand is designed to connect to your CoilPro coil cleaning system and slip between the fan guard grating of condenser units, allowing you to thoroughly clean the coils from the inside, without having to remove the top of the unit. Spraying the coils in this direction, opposite to normal air flow, provides for a more thorough cleaning of the unit. Plus it offers superior cleaning when doing preventative maintenance of tightly packed coils and harder to clean coils like micro channel coils.

Available in 36" and 48" sizes. 

  • Cleans condenser coils in minutes - in most cases without removing the top grate
  • Cleans from the back of the coil - the recommended approach
  • Makes quick work of cleaning coils - especially newer micro channel coils
  • Recommended by companies like TRANE to clean micro channel coil beds

Please note: This product requires a CoilPro coil cleaning system to function.

Available SKUs

8945-48, 8945