Coil Cleaner Chemicals & Detergents

Our coil cleaner chemicals and detergents really make your coils shine and keep mold and mildew from causing problems. We offer a variety of cleaners and mold and mildew inhibitors.

CoilShine foaming HVAC coil cleaner

CoilShine Coil Cleaning Solution

CoilShine is a concentrated, alkaline foaming coil cleaner. Safer than acidic cleaners.
EPA registered coil cleaner biocide

CoilShine-BC Mold and Mildew Inhibitor for HVAC

EPA registered. Ready-to-use inhibitor to control growth of mold and mildew on HVAC coils and Ducts.
FreshDuct Eliminates Odors In HVAC Systems

FreshDuct Odor Eliminator

The cure for Dirty Sock syndrome! Fresh Duct is non-toxic, biodegradable odor control solution for HVAC systems and ducts.

PanCare Tablets for 3 to 5 ton Systems

EPA registered biocide to help prevent mold, mildew and other bacteria in condensate pans. 24 tablets.

PanCare Tablets for 45-ton systems

EAP registered biocide helps control mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria in condensate pans and lines. 6 tablets.