BioSpray® D2 Sanitizer


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  • Overview

    Product Overview


    Get powerful sanitation performance super fast dry times for the removal of residual moisture. BioSpray D2 is ideal for sanitation and disinfection use on a variety of food contact and non-food contact food and beverage production facilities, healthcare and schools and universities. It is ready-to-use, quick-drying and ideal for water sensitive areas. 

    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria on non-food contact surfaces in 10 seconds
    • Kills 99.999% of bacteria on food contact surfaces in 60 seconds

    BioSpray D2 is a combination of isopropyl alcohol and a powerful quaternary ammonium compound.  Use it to clean, sanitize and disinfect food contact and non-food contact surfaces with one product. 

    BioSpray D2 is quick-drying and for water sensitive areas, like conveyor belts, food packaging systems, healthcare equipment, gyms and more.

    For applications outside of food and beverage production facilities, this product can be used for cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection needs. BioSpray D2 is an effective virucidal disinfectant against the following viruses on hard non-porous surfaces: Norovirus (Feline Calicivirus as surrogate) [(ATCC VR-782)], Influenza A H1N1 [(ATCC/IRR FR-371)], Hepatitis B Virus, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1).

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Sanitizes food contact surfaces in 60 seconds
    • Sanitizes non-food contact surfaces in 10 seconds
    • Fast-drying - removes residual moisture
    • Is a Hospital-Grade Disinfectant
    • No rinse required
    • Requires no wipe (Eliminates cross-contamination risk from soiled rags/towels)
    • Clean, sanitize and disinfect food contact and non-food contact surfaces with one product
    • Is ideal for water-sensitive and low moisture environments
    • Is non-corrosive
    • Does not Stain Skin, Fabrics, Plastics, Metals, Glass or Formica
    • Alcohol-based sanitizer and disinfectant.
    • Sold as a case of 12 x 1-liter bottles (other sizes available)
    • E.P.A. Reg. No. 73232-1-83022
    • NSF Reg. #163899
    • Certified Kosher and Pareve, for year-round use (excluding Passover).
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  • FAQ

    Product Information

    Where can BIOSPRAY D2 be used?

    Use BioSpray D2 on a wide variety of hard nonporous surfaces, including food contact and non-food contact surfaces. Examples include use in commercial business, retail business, offices, fitness centers, food and beverage manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, medical facilities, daycare centers, funeral homes, and more.

    Is BioSpray D2 effective again COVID-19 (aka SARS-CoV-2)

    The EPA has identified BioSpray D2 on the list of “Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2”. BioSpray D2 is a sub registered chemical from BEST Sanitizers. You can see the original EPA information by searching EPA# 73232-1 at this link.

    Can BioSpray D2 be used to sanitize freezers and other “frozen” surfaces?

    Yes, unlike water-based sanitizers (which freeze near 32°F and are rendered ineffective at such low temperatures), BioSpray D2 has a freezing point of -30°F. This allows BioSpray D2 to readily flow onto and sanitize surfaces that would immediately freeze water-based sanitizers.