Awards & Special Events


Goodway has received numerous awards within the Manufacturing Industry.

Here are just a few recent rewards we've received:

Goodway Technologies Corp. — RAM-PRO Chiller Tube Cleaner

RAM-PRO Chiller Tube cleanerDealer Design Awards - 2013

Tools and Instruments:

portable, ruddged and built for high volume contractor use, RAM-PRO boasts a newly rebuilt design with quick connect shafts and brushes to speed changes in the field..


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Goodway Technologies Corp. — Cooling Tower Vacuum

AHR Innovative Machine Award - 2005

Tools and Instruments:

Traditionally, the cooling tower basin is completely drained and debris shoveled out by hand, exposing workers to dangerous contaminants. With the vacuum, workers are protected from contact.

Innovative Machine Award

Pictured above Tim Kane - Executive Vice President of Goodway, receiving the Innovative Machine Award

Aerie Award - Trane Vendor of the Year Award 2005

Pictured above, Rita Towner-Trane, Michael Hardy-Account Manager Goodway & Michael Huffman - Trane.