Quantifying Quality: The Rise of HVAC Air Monitoring

HVAC Focus More on Outdoor Air QualityMonitoring air quality is rapidly shifting from the realm of mere research to more practical applications as HVAC companies look for ways to ensure that both indoor and outdoor air quality levels aren’t negatively impacted by a new installation or repair. This rising priority should come as no surprise: Medical News Today notes that air pollution is now a leading stroke risk factor, while ACHR News points out that a large-scale bi-partisan energy bill could have serious impacts on how HVAC units are installed and evaluated. Bottom line? It’s not just what’s inside a heating or cooling unit that counts. To stay ahead, companies need a way to effectively quantify HVAC air quality.

Indoor Issues

Managing indoor air quality is now the focus of startups like Airviz, a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff — its “Speck” device is designed to report the parts per million of certain 2.5-micron size particles which could pose a threat to human health. In a recent MIT Technology Review piece, for example, author Simson Garfinkel describes the Speck detecting a rise of PM2.5 particles in his home, such as those released by cooking oil, which are in turn linked to diseases like asthma, autism and even ADHD. In fact, the WHO says that four million deaths worldwide are caused by poor indoor air quality conditions; conditions that quickly reached worrisome levels when Garfinkel’s family was simply frying eggs.

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The Dangers of Deferred HVAC Maintenance

CTV1501_Cooling_Tower_Vacuum_In_useCompanies are on the hook to cut costs; staff, services and technology all fall under the ax of balanced books. In an effort to minimize day-to-day impacts, many businesses are turning to deferred maintenance —putting off required repairs or upgrades on HVAC systems and cooling towers until they’re absolutely necessary or the unit fails. The problem? As noted by a HealthCareCAN report, this is a “short term solution with long-term consequences unless additional resources are provided at a later date.” Best case? Cooling towers fail and you’re out time and money. Worst case? Killer infections. Here’s a look at the pitfalls of deferred maintenance for HVAC units.

Big Savings, Big Problems?

At first glance deferred maintenance seems like a reasonable solution to an immediate need: If HVAC and other systems are still performing within expected parameters it’s easy to put off maintenance until the “next budget.” If the same scenario exists a year later deferring again only makes sense, right?

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Down The Drain? HVAC Systems Suffer Stubborn Water Woes

Water is a constant for HVAC systems. In winter, heating systems produce water as air condenses in the cold, while in summer the need for quick cooling of large air volumes produces a significant amount of moisture build-up. Despite this ongoing relationship with condensed and collected water, however, a recent ACHR News article notes that most HVAC systems aren’t up to the challenge of proper drainage—putting both system efficiency and human health at risk.

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The Emerging Role of Analytics in HVAC Maintenance

What’s the best way for an HVAC contractor to create long-term business relationships? Start with a great sale but follow it up with even better service. This is the goal of preventative maintenance, a 75-year-old technique designed to curb existing problems and preemptively tackle emerging issues with HVAC units.

For contractors, the big benefits came in the form of lucrative maintenance agreements and customer loyalty but now there’s a shift in the market: Residential and commercial HVAC owners see the benefit of smartphone-enabled apps and other technology and start to wonder why HVAC can’t keep up. As noted by Contracting Business there’s progress on the horizon thanks to new industry development: Analytics maintenance.

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Facility Managers Now Key To Strategic Decision Making—Can They Also Cut Costs?

Who’s responsible for strategic decision making in your organization? C-suite executives are often first-to-mind: CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs are tasked with making big choices on daily basis—choices which could have long-term consequences for employees and the bottom line alike.

But according to EHS Today, a recent study by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) tells a slightly different story: While 38 percent of those asked said C-suite execs were driving workplace strategy decisions, 30 percent pointed to facility managers (FMs) as key players in workplace decisions. Why the shift, and how can FMs help bolster the bottom line?

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We’re Heating Things Up This Winter at AHR Expo 2016!

AHR Expo 2016 GoodwayThings are heating up in the HVAC industry and we’ve got a front row seat. Kick off the new year with us in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida, at AHR Expo 2016, the world’s largest HVACR marketplace! From January 25-27, 2016, come see the most advanced products and innovative technology of the year, gain insight from over 2,000 exhibitors and seize the moment to network with more than 60,000 HVACR professionals all under one roof.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get an exclusive look at hundreds of new and innovative products that can help your business operate more quickly and efficiently, like our state-of-the-art TFC-200 that prevents growth of Legionella bacteria and our award-winning RAM-PRO-XL®, which received a coveted Gold Dealer Design Award, as well as earning honorable mention in the tools & instruments category for the 2014 AHR Innovation Awards.

Our award-winning RAM-PRO-XL features:

RAM-PRO-XL Goodway Blog

  • Integrated TubeGuard® technology to help obliterate biofilm and protect tubes from corrosion
  • Complete all-in-one system for cleaning limescale and debris from the tower fill
  • Chain drive system for a smoother, more effective performance in challenging situations


Our Legionella-fighting TFC-200 features:

TFC-200 Goodway Blog

  • A compact, all-in one system, that can be used virtually anywhere
  • 36” Stainless Steel extension wands for those hard-to-reach areas
  • 25” chemical resistant hose protecting from harsh, aggressive chemicals

Even better, we’ll be unveiling a very special surprise that will be a complete game-changer for the HVAC industry! We’re especially excited because this forthcoming year will also mark 50 years of Goodway providing innovative HVAC solutions that simplify maintenance tasks for people around the world. Come celebrate this tremendous milestone with us! Several other fun activities like contests, giveaways, product demos and an exclusive Cocktail party will also be occurring as this magical moment in trade show history unfolds.

This time around, all of the excitement will be taking place at booth #3444, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Adoption Versus Appreciation: The Case For Smart HVAC

Goodway - Adoption Versus Appreciation The Case For Smart HVACAs HVAC systems have evolved, so have issues surrounding performance and maintenance. Gone are the days of simple duct work, blowers, and chillers—now, many systems feature some type of computer control, include dual-zoning for increased comfort and can even be controlled via mobile devices. According to Fortune, the next generation of HVAC may be just around the corner in the form of “smart sensors” which can detect problems and relay critical information to HVAC technicians, saving home and business owners both time and money.

So far, however, appreciation for this new technology hasn’t translated to broad adoption—are sensors the future of HVAC or just a bump in the road?

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Energy Opportunities: The Way Forward for Industrial Manufacturing?

Energy Opportunities: The Way Forward for Industrial Manufacturing?Manufacturing firms are familiar with the potential benefits of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind or even geothermal installations, but translating these new technologies into measurable savings often proves difficult. In part, the problem is cost: Moving to even partial solar production, for example, comes with a significant price tag. Integration with existing systems is also problematic—as a result, many companies are now looking to make better use of existing infrastructure to leverage new energy opportunities.

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HVAC Impact—New Regulations and Low Energy Costs Spur Market

HVAC Impact—New Regulations and Low Energy Costs Spur MarketThe demand for HVAC solutions is on the rise according to ACHR, reporting on recent Transparency Market Research data. In their new report, Transparency predicts an HVAC market topping $155 billion by 2022, with heat pumps and in-room air conditioners accounting for the bulk of this market growth, while unitary AC units also gain significant ground. A recent Contracting Business roundtable with notable HVAC executives comes to the same conclusion but digs deeper into root causes—both new regulations and lower energy costs are helping to spur HVAC increases.

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HVAC in Laboratories: Special Considerations?

HVAC in Laboratories: Special Considerations?Every commercial building needs efficient HVAC; employees can’t work and customers won’t linger if heating systems fail in the winter or air conditioning units can’t keep up in the summer. As noted by a recent CSE Magazine article, however, there are some facilities—such as laboratories—which have unique HVAC requirements far beyond those of a “typical” business. And while it’s not worth replicating these systems in restaurants or office buildings, it’s worth taking a look at more extreme HVAC examples as a way to improve performance and longevity for all air movement systems.

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