Ineffective Installation: HVAC Performance Suffers When Poorly Handled

HVAC Performance Suffers When Poorly HandledHow efficient is your HVAC unit? According to a recent NIST study, you could spend 30 percent more heating and cooling your home or business if an HVAC system isn’t properly installed. Is it possible to avoid paying more for less?

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Extreme HVAC: New Furnace Half as Hot as the Sun

Extreme HVAC: New Furnace Half as Hot as the SunHow hot can it get? Apparently that was the question asked by a team of researchers at Aberystwyth University, who recently designed a furnace that can reach temperatures half as hot as the sun. This kind of “extreme heating” isn’t exactly common but speaks to the evolving nature of HVAC: Hot is no longer “hot enough”—but what happens when temperatures get this crazy?

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Meltdown: Your HVAC Ice and Flooding Checklist

Meltdown: Your HVAC Ice and Flooding ChecklistThe East Coast has been brutalized by storm after storm this winter; just as cities like Boston or New York dig out from one blizzard, another is on the horizon. And while spring comes eventually, this means the prospect of significant flooding when the sun finally shines and the snow starts to melt.

Here’s a checklist to help make sure critical HVAC systems stay up and running no matter what.

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Heat Through Air Conditioning? Students Develop Cool Idea

Heat Through Air Conditioning? Students Develop Cool IdeaAir conditioning installs in northern climates are useful—and certainly welcome—during the few months of summer, but aren’t quite a necessity.

In hot and humid areas such as Singapore, meanwhile, lack of reliable HVAC can pose serious problems for residents. But running systems day-and-night during patches of sweltering weather both costs money and wastes heat; now, a team of students has developed a way to reclaim air con waste and reduce spending.

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Snow Blows: The HVAC Impact

Snow Blows: The HVAC ImpactThe Eastern seaboard has been hit by a series of massive snowstorms over the last few months, resulting in everything from power outages to flooding and the rise of “snow diving”—ordinarily sane adults jumping off balconies and out of windows into massive snow drifts.

But there’s also an impact for heating and ventilation equipment and companies that serve both residential and commercial installation: Here’s why snow blows for HVAC.

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Hospital Staff Smoked Out After Vacuum Issue

Hospital Staff Smoked Out After Vacuum IssueIdeally, hospitals are havens of tidiness and cleanliness—while it’s possible to pick up a nasty infection with a compromised immune system, staff do their very best to ensure every bed is clean and every procedure is sterile.

Sometimes, however, hospital infrastructure won’t play along, causing more than few headaches for doctors and patients. Such is the case at Danville Regional Medical Center, which recently faced a double-whammy: smoke from an overheated vacuum pump, followed by a massive oily discharge.

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Outside the Box: HVAC 2015 With Kyle Gargaro

HVAC 2015 With Kyle GargaroExperts Tim Robb and Timothy Kane have weighed in on what’s happening in HVAC this year. Now, ACHR News Editor-in-Chief Kyle Gargaro has come up with a few of his own predictions for 2015: Here’s how he sees the market shaping up.

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Big App-etite? Timothy Robb Tackles 2015 HVAC Predictions

Timothy Robb Tackles 2015 HVAC PredictionsEarlier in the week, we took a look at some 2015 HVAC predictions from Goodway’s Timothy Kane — this week, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development Timothy Robb is placing his bets for the coming year. One of his top three predictions? The “appitization” of HVAC service.

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HVAC 2015 Predictions: Timothy Kane’s Top 3

HVAC Infographic: 2015 Expert Predictions2015 is already upon us, and that means it’s time to tackle HVAC industry predictions for the coming year. First up? Goodway President Timothy Kane and his top 3: Strong HVAC install numbers, the rise of green systems, and increased impact of product innovation. Let’s take a quick look at each one.

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Digital Taggers Hope to Drag HVAC Into the Future

Despite the rise of high-efficiency furnaces, quiet A/C units and technology like digital thermostats with programmable temperature profiles, HVAC maintenance is stuck in the past.

iStock_000003056833SmallThat’s the argument of Alex Rangel, co-founder of HVAC management software company Ravti, which has high hopes of modernizing the industry. And it’s a big industry – the global HVAC market is valued at over $77 billion this year alone, according to market research firm IBIS World. So what does Ravti bring to the table?

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