How HVAC Professionals Used LinkedIn Over the Summer

LinkedIn HVAC Power Plant21 photo (hvac and social media )Over the summer, LinkedIn’s HVAC professionals group posted many interesting discussions, some of which generated lively debates amongst its members.  Typically, this group of 15,805 professionals discusses diverse HVAC topics, such as energy efficiency, best practices, professional development, as well as specific products and manufacturers.

As we begin our roundup of the group’s summer activity, it makes sense to start with introductions. And that is just what Scott Steel did earlier this summer. Once Scott broke the ice with his introduction, over thirty HVAC professionals followed suit and thus generated one of the longer discussion threads. So if you wish to  introduce yourself or learn about these new group participants, read the discussion here.

Another active discussion was started by Nikolaos Avgerinos, an intern at Deerns in the Netherlands.  He asked the seemly simple question of who was the best HVAC manufacturer.  The consensus was that application, local support, and proper installation were more important than a particular brand. However, Scott Basso may have put it best by posting:

“To put a label on who is the best HVAC manufacturer today is almost impossible. For many reasons. I would offer this as what I want in a manufacturer.

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