3 Top HVAC and Facility Maintenance Technology Trends For 2012

The new year is right around the corner, so it seems like a good time to stare into the crystal ball and see what’s going to be hot for 2012. Technology as always will play a big part in keeping your building up and running.

1) HVAC high tech instruments – Facility management staff can detect HVAC equipment problems sooner using automated tools. According to an article in Today’s Facility Manager, more and more facilities are using high tech instruments such as laser alignment systems, automatic lubricators, ultrasonic leak detectors, thermal cameras, and video scopes.  These devices all help make HVAC preventative maintenance procedures easier and more reliable so check out this the article if you are considering any as a viable option.

2) High Tech Heat Pumps – Another high-tech solution that has the HVAC community buzzing is the new incredibly high efficient heat pumps that are taking the residential market by storm. Many homeowners are finding that going green keeps their pockets lined with greenbacks! There are several new, important trends in heat pump design that are affecting performance and efficiency.  This heat pumps guide outlines these trends so you can take advantage of them and find a heat pump that will give you greater home comfort and lower utility bills.

3) Geo-Thermal Technology – A related technology to heat pumps is going to be the topic of conversation in 2012.  It appears that the development of Geo-Thermal Technology may become part of a sound investment strategy. Prospects for the future growth of geothermal energy in the US are strengthened by the increasing number of companies engaged in geothermal resource development. Roughly half a dozen firms were actively involved prior to 2005, whereas there are now almost 20 companies developing and operating geothermal power projects in the US. In addition, at least 24 countries currently produce geothermal power, and with new projects under development on nearly every major continent, the geothermal industry is poised for increased global growth.

HVAC technologies that are certainly trending but are not considered “top” trends certainly deserve honorable mentions. For example, natural refrigerants such as CO2 and Ammonia are certainly trending and Europe and are coming to America. With the growing demand for natural refrigerants systems and components in North America, as well as the new regulations and market developments expected over the coming weeks and months, industry organizations believe that the time is right for natural refrigerants. The same can be said for cogeneration which represents one of the most effective approaches to energy conservation, because it produces two types of energy at once – electric power and thermal energy.

If these 2012 trends build up your craving for HVAC high-tech, you probably need to visit the 2012 AHR Expo to see all the new products that are hitting the market.  If you decide to go, make sure you stop by the Goodway booth and let us know you read this post!

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