Automatic Vegetables: Can Technology Improve Produce Packaging?

Goodway Automatic Vegetables Can Technology Improve Produce Packaging 300x225 photo (food beverage production 2 )Food waste is a serious problem. According to National Geographic, one-third of food grown in the United States is “lost or wasted” before it ever reaches stove-tops or dinner tables. Some is mislabeled and thrown into landfills; some is improperly packaged, leading to spoilage or contamination. Is there a better way to get food from farm to fork?

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When Groundwater Goes Bad: How to Clear Leachate Systems

Goodway When Groundwater Goes Bad How to Clear Leachate Systems 300x199 photo (industrial cleaning )In Pennsylvania, the Keystone Sanitary Landfill is coming under fire for contaminating groundwater. A recent set of tests performed by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) found “increasing concentrations of ammonia-nitrogen, chloride, nitrate, sodium, and total dissolved solids in one of the landfill’s groundwater monitoring wells,” according to the Times-Tribune. These rising levels indicate that the Landfill’s leachate treatment system isn’t working properly — and this isn’t a one-time issue.

Over the last dozen years, Keystone has faced leachate challenges, a familiar problem for similar facilities across the country. With landfills already under heightened scrutiny and increasing public concern over accidental contamination, what’s the best way to plug holes and stop leaks?

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Red Sun — Russian’s Largest Solar Power Plant Opens in Siberia

Goodway Red Sun — Russians Largest Solar Power Plant Opens in Siberia 300x208 photo (power generation 2 )Siberia isn’t exactly a hot spot for urban development. But according to The Moscow Times, the region’s Atlai Republic is now home to Russia’s largest solar power plant. With plans to boost national renewable energy use from 0.5 to 4.5 percent by 2020, the new five megawatt (MW) Kosh-Agachskata plant is a good start — but is it really all sunshine and rainbows from here?

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Salting the Earth: New Molten Salt Reactor Looks for Commercial Success

Nuclear power has always been a delicate subject, and recent contamination issues such as those in Fukushima have put “traditional” nuclear power under the microscope again.

iStock 000015994204Small photo (power generation 2 )Thankfully, there’s an alternative: salt. Not the shaker kind or the sea variety, but molten uranium or thorium suspended in liquid and used to generate anywhere from 29 to 290 megawatts of electricity.

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Digital Taggers Hope to Drag HVAC Into the Future

Despite the rise of high-efficiency furnaces, quiet A/C units and technology like digital thermostats with programmable temperature profiles, HVAC maintenance is stuck in the past.

iStock 000003056833Small photo (hvac )That’s the argument of Alex Rangel, co-founder of HVAC management software company Ravti, which has high hopes of modernizing the industry. And it’s a big industry – the global HVAC market is valued at over $77 billion this year alone, according to market research firm IBIS World. So what does Ravti bring to the table?

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