Product of the Year? TFC-200 Shortlisted by Plant Engineering

TFC-200Every November, Plant Engineering rounds up the best of the best—equipment which stands out from the competition—for their “Product of the Year” program. This year, Goodway’s TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner was shortlisted in the Maintenance Tools & Equipment category; following the November 12th announcement, Plant Engineering subscribers can vote for their favorites which will appear in the magazine’s April issue. Undecided about who deserves your vote? Here’s a look at the TFC-200.

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Offshore Drilling Comes With Big Risk, Hit-or-Miss Return

Offshore Drilling Comes With Big Risk, Hit-or-Miss ReturnDrilling companies often face blowback for offshore rigs—local citizens and environmental groups alike worry about the long-term consequences of these platforms. In response, oil companies have committed significant time and effort to improve safety and lower the risk of failure. As noted by Motley Fool, exploratory success is down to just 40 percent this year, meaning companies can’t afford any slowdown in production—let alone rig failure—if they want profit reality to match speculation.

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Legionnaires Law: Cooling Towers Now Subject to Regular Inspection

In 1976, 182 Legionnaires came down with a severe case of pneumonia at a meeting of the American Legion in Philadelphia. Twenty-nine of them died—the cause of death was revealed as a new bacteria soon named Legionella pneumophila. Despite nearly forty years of research and mitigation efforts, however, Legionnaires disease remains a serious problem in highly-populated areas—now, Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio have rolled out a new set of rules designed to quickly identify and hopefully stop the spread of this disease. Here’s what it means for businesses.

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Adoption Versus Appreciation: The Case For Smart HVAC

Goodway - Adoption Versus Appreciation The Case For Smart HVACAs HVAC systems have evolved, so have issues surrounding performance and maintenance. Gone are the days of simple duct work, blowers, and chillers—now, many systems feature some type of computer control, include dual-zoning for increased comfort and can even be controlled via mobile devices. According to Fortune, the next generation of HVAC may be just around the corner in the form of “smart sensors” which can detect problems and relay critical information to HVAC technicians, saving home and business owners both time and money.

So far, however, appreciation for this new technology hasn’t translated to broad adoption—are sensors the future of HVAC or just a bump in the road?

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Coal and The Cold Shoulder—UK Considers Closures

Coal and The Cold Shoulder—UK Considers ClosuresPower generation is a hot topic. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power have grabbed public attention, while governments look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. In the U.K., there’s talk of closing all coal-fired plants by 2023 in an effort to curb greenhouse emissions, while on American soil some coal plants struggle to deliver their power quota.

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