Material Matters — New LEED Specifications Target “Sick Building Syndrome”

Goodway Material Matters — New LEED Specifications Target “Sick Building Syndrome” 300x210 photo (indoor air quality 2 )Could your workplace be making you ill? It’s possible, and the problem even has a name: sick building syndrome (SBS). Among buildings with poor ventilation or that use out-of-date construction materials, this issue isn’t a surprise.

According to the Journal of Commerce, however, SBS has now been observed in some LEED-certified buildings, which should excel in maximizing energy management while limiting environmental impact. As a result, there’s a new LEED specification on the way, one that specifically targets building materials.

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Offshore Wind Power: US Faces Blowback

Goodway Offshore Wind Power US Faces Blowback 300x199 photo (power generation 2 )Offshore wind is among the most promising renewable resources available — along with solar and geothermal power, it represents a new frontier for the energy market. In the United States, however, the offshore wind power market is facing some blowback, according to Real Clear Politics. Is it possible for this project to get up to speed?

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No Buy Zone — Color-changing Food Labels Target Pathogens

Goodway No Buy Zone — Color changing Food Labels Target Pathogens 300x199 photo (food beverage production 2 )Does your food contain E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella? If you live in the United States or Canada, probably not, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in six Americans still contract Salmonella each year, resulting in 3000 deaths annually.

What’s more, the total cost of foodborne pathogens in the United States could top $77 billion per year. Now, a team of Canadian researchers are developing new packaging labels that change color when pathogens are present, creating an obvious way to side-step bad food. Is this the future of pathogen control?

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Sick of School: Air Quality Impacts Learning

Goodway Sick of School Air Quality Impacts Learning 300x199 photo (indoor air quality 2 )Faking sick. It’s a classic trick for kids to get out of school, stay home for a day and indulge themselves in some parental pampering and videogames. But in Beech Grove, Indiana, a local institution may actually be making children sick — it was recently cited for having excessively high carbon dioxide levels.

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No Contact Order: The Problem With Allergens

Goodway The Problem With Allergens 300x199 photo (food beverage production 2 )One in thirteen children in the United States has a food allergy. Some cause mild reactions such as rash or sneezing, while others lead to trouble swallowing, chest pain or death.

As a result, food and beverage production companies and the FDA have become increasingly concerned with product labeling and cross-contamination — is possible to keep allergens away?

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