Sick of School: Air Quality Impacts Learning

Goodway Sick of School Air Quality Impacts Learning 300x199 photo (indoor air quality 2 )Faking sick. It’s a classic trick for kids to get out of school, stay home for a day and indulge themselves in some parental pampering and videogames. But in Beech Grove, Indiana, a local institution may actually be making children sick — it was recently cited for having excessively high carbon dioxide levels.

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No Contact Order: The Problem With Allergens

Goodway The Problem With Allergens 300x199 photo (food beverage production 2 )One in thirteen children in the United States has a food allergy. Some cause mild reactions such as rash or sneezing, while others lead to trouble swallowing, chest pain or death.

As a result, food and beverage production companies and the FDA have become increasingly concerned with product labeling and cross-contamination — is possible to keep allergens away?

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Building a Better Burger? Food Equipment Maker Takes a Bite

Goodway Building a Better Burger Food Equipment Maker Takes a Bite 300x223 photo (food beverage production 2 )Over the course of an average year, citizens of the United States consume almost 50 billion hamburgers, which works out to three per week, per person across the country. Some of these burgers come from famous fast-food chains and high-end restaurants, but many are also the product of back-yard BBQs and picnics. It’s no surprise, then, that grocery stores now sell a wide variety hamburger meat — everything from top-grade beef cuts to “stuffed” burgers or poultry alternatives. It’s also no surprise that burger eaters are getting pickier: with so many choices available, buyers have no problem passing over frozen hockey pucks for something more appetizing.

Now, a South African company says they can build better burgers using a new meat processing technology — is this what innovation tastes like?

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Ebola Control: Containing the Contagion

Goodway Ebola Control Containing the Contagion 300x300 photo (industrial cleaning )According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of Ebola cases in West Africa will surpass 9000, while mortality rates surge above 70 percent. Closer-to-home cases are few and far between but of increasing concern to government authorities, prompting the creation of rapid-response teams that can be at any hospital site in the country within hours. This outside assistance is only activated once Ebola-like symptoms have been identified, however — how can healthcare agencies help limit exposure and control infection day-to-day?

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Automatic Vegetables: Can Technology Improve Produce Packaging?

Goodway Automatic Vegetables Can Technology Improve Produce Packaging 300x225 photo (food beverage production 2 )Food waste is a serious problem. According to National Geographic, one-third of food grown in the United States is “lost or wasted” before it ever reaches stove-tops or dinner tables. Some is mislabeled and thrown into landfills; some is improperly packaged, leading to spoilage or contamination. Is there a better way to get food from farm to fork?

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