Falling Oil, Failing Rigs: What Happens When the Boom Comes Again?

Goodway - Falling Oil, Failing Rigs- What Happens When the Boom Comes Again?Oil prices are finally looking up, with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) now willing to make a deal. According to USA Today, in fact, oil saw its largest 3-day rally in a quarter century to land at just over $49.20 a barrel. But it’s not all good news: This is a far cry from the $100-plus per-barrel costs that sellers were charging less than a year ago. What’s more, as prices start to rebound and drilling rigs fire up again companies need confidence in operation—having walked away when oil tanked, are there rigs ready to perform under pressure?

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Alaskan Food Plant Gets Back to Nature

Alaskan Food Plant Gets Back to NatureWhile most of North America trends toward more processed food with lower nutritional value, the town of Kotzebue, Alaska is headed a different route with its new processing plant: The Siglauq. Taken from the traditional Inupiat word for cold, underground storage systems The Siglauq will allow local hunters to kill and then donate animals for use in the local seniors’ center. It’s a bold plan that will help many older residents retain their subsistence lifestyle—but how do plant operators make sure they’re still meeting federal health standards?

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Safe Food and the People Problem

Safe Food and the People ProblemHow does food get contaminated? It’s easy to point fingers at sub-par technology or handling machines that are past their prime, but according to Food Safety News there’s an even bigger problem: People. Why? Because at some point during the journey from single component to final product all food items are handled in some manner by people—who don’t always follow the rules. The result is food-borne illness, but is it possible to solve the “people problem?”

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HVAC Impact—New Regulations and Low Energy Costs Spur Market

HVAC Impact—New Regulations and Low Energy Costs Spur MarketThe demand for HVAC solutions is on the rise according to ACHR, reporting on recent Transparency Market Research data. In their new report, Transparency predicts an HVAC market topping $155 billion by 2022, with heat pumps and in-room air conditioners accounting for the bulk of this market growth, while unitary AC units also gain significant ground. A recent Contracting Business roundtable with notable HVAC executives comes to the same conclusion but digs deeper into root causes—both new regulations and lower energy costs are helping to spur HVAC increases.

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Bad Air in the Big Apple? “Unusual” Legionnaires Outbreak Hits New York City

Legionnaires Disease HVAC Cooling Tower

Odds are New York City has seen better summers. In addition to the sweltering weather, NYC is now dealing with a Legionnaires outbreak in the Bronx that’s infected over fifty people and killed four. Right now the city is searching for answers about origin and impact, while many citizens are left wondering just what kind of risk they face.

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