Serial Soot? Power Producers Under Scrutiny Worldwide

Serial Soot? Power Producers Under Scrutiny WorldwideSoot ranks just behind CO2 when it comes to potential climate change culprits, but may also be responsible for several other ills—a recent study pegs it as the primary driver of glacier melt in Tibet, while residents of a Canadian town are finding ways to manage a veritable “soot storm”. Power providers are now under scrutiny across the globe to manage soot emissions and control this combustion byproduct, but can they get a handle on serial soot production?

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MERS Outbreak Shores Up Shortcomings in Hospital System

MERS Outbreak Shores Up Shortcomings in Hospital SystemFor South Korean citizens—especially if they’re parents or grandparents of adult children—getting sick comes with a specific expectation: A bed at the best hospital in the nation, the Samsung Medical Center. This 1900-bed care facility is regarded as virtually above reproach in the South Korean care community, but according to Today Online is now under scrutiny as ground zero for a new MERS outbreak in the country. So what went wrong?

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Moving Water: End of an Era?

Moving Water: End of an Era?At first glance, the Navajo Generating Station simply seems massive. As the West’s largest power plant, it tears through more than 22,000 tons of coal per day. But what sets Navajo apart is how the Lion’s Share of its generated power is used—325 miles down the Colorado River, water pumps depend on this energy to pull trillions of gallons of water out of the river and change its course, allowing cities like Tucson and Phoenix to prosper.

All this energy isn’t without cost, however, and Pro Publica notes that the plant is now under threat of closure as government agencies take a hard look at its overall emissions profile. Is the business of moving water to enable civic projects drying up?

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HVAC in Laboratories: Special Considerations?

HVAC in Laboratories: Special Considerations?Every commercial building needs efficient HVAC; employees can’t work and customers won’t linger if heating systems fail in the winter or air conditioning units can’t keep up in the summer. As noted by a recent CSE Magazine article, however, there are some facilities—such as laboratories—which have unique HVAC requirements far beyond those of a “typical” business. And while it’s not worth replicating these systems in restaurants or office buildings, it’s worth taking a look at more extreme HVAC examples as a way to improve performance and longevity for all air movement systems.

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Foul Play? Cooling Tower Cleanliness Key to Plant Efficiency

Foul Play? Cooling Tower Cleanliness Key to Plant EfficiencyAt most commercial and industrial plants, chiller systems get the lion’s share of investment, attention, and maintenance. It’s no wonder: HVAC plant chillers account for approximately 45 percent of utility costs and use more than five times the energy of cooling towers on average. As a result, companies are willing to invest in tube wire brushing, chemical descaling, and eddy current monitoring to keep these systems running.

What’s often overlooked, however, is the direct link between cooling tower performance and chiller efficiency—if fouled, towers can bog down an entire plant or even spread infectious diseases such as Legionella. Bottom line? Clean towers are key to better cooling.

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