Down The Drain? HVAC Systems Suffer Stubborn Water Woes

Water is a constant for HVAC systems. In winter, heating systems produce water as air condenses in the cold, while in summer the need for quick cooling of large air volumes produces a significant amount of moisture build-up. Despite this ongoing relationship with condensed and collected water, however, a recent ACHR News article notes that most HVAC systems aren’t up to the challenge of proper drainage—putting both system efficiency and human health at risk.

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The Emerging Role of Analytics in HVAC Maintenance

What’s the best way for an HVAC contractor to create long-term business relationships? Start with a great sale but follow it up with even better service. This is the goal of preventative maintenance, a 75-year-old technique designed to curb existing problems and preemptively tackle emerging issues with HVAC units.

For contractors, the big benefits came in the form of lucrative maintenance agreements and customer loyalty but now there’s a shift in the market: Residential and commercial HVAC owners see the benefit of smartphone-enabled apps and other technology and start to wonder why HVAC can’t keep up. As noted by Contracting Business there’s progress on the horizon thanks to new industry development: Analytics maintenance.

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Water Wasters: Poorly-Maintained Cooling Towers Foul Up Savings

Water Wasters Poorly-Maintained Cooling Towers Foul Up SavingsMany commercial buildings depend on the efficient performance of water cooling towers. According to the Los Angeles Times, however, older towers are effectively “swamp coolers” in disguise, piping down water so corrosive it can’t be used for a second cycle. The result? Big money to cool even small spaces, along with a real risk of diseases like Legionnaires.

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Burgeoning Biomass Boilers Demand Next-Gen Design

Burgeoning Biomass Boilers Demand Next-Gen DesignThe race for more efficient, green energy production has many countries—and companies—exploring options like solar, geothermal, wind, and water power. There’s another contender, however, one that isn’t quite as flashy or news-worthy: Biomass. This technology comes with some significant benefits such as an almost-identical infrastructure profile to that of coal-fired plants. But there are also challenges—as noted by ACHR, biomass boilers often require special handling to ensure they’re operating at peak efficiency.

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Facility Managers Now Key To Strategic Decision Making—Can They Also Cut Costs?

Who’s responsible for strategic decision making in your organization? C-suite executives are often first-to-mind: CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs are tasked with making big choices on daily basis—choices which could have long-term consequences for employees and the bottom line alike.

But according to EHS Today, a recent study by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) tells a slightly different story: While 38 percent of those asked said C-suite execs were driving workplace strategy decisions, 30 percent pointed to facility managers (FMs) as key players in workplace decisions. Why the shift, and how can FMs help bolster the bottom line?

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